Thursday, September 28, 2017

Do Whatever You Feel Like Doing......

While the kids diligently worked on school, I used up some ripe bananas. I discovered several of us really like banana bread. πŸ˜‡

We've noted we get RAIN and SUN in the same day. Today was a rainy afternoon. Michael worked on inside projects. Let me tell you the story of this picture.  He TOLD me he was going to hang the quilt on the right. I wondered how, but didn't give it much thought. I knew he had thought it out.  
 At some point in the day he asked, "Would you like these photos hung above the stairs?"

I replied, "Sure."

I went back to schooling and dinner prep.

I walked back by and saw THIS. He is standing on a ladder, something I don't like for him to do. But the ladder was balanced on 2x8s. One end of the board was on the stairs, the other ends balanced on two ladders below....and he grabbed his level and drill and balanced on this.
Photos and quilt hung above stairs
When I mentioned it didn't seem a very wise choice for a Parkinson's patient, he reminded me the Doctor had said he could "do whatever he felt up to doing."  I was pretty sure they didn't picture THIS. He responded it was, "Open to interpretation."

I haven't seen this in a bit of time. The two were out playing, "the game," today. It made me smile to see them, I didn't think they'd play the game in Alaska.

Blaine came, checked the chimney and installed the wood stove. 

It works well. Another project done! 

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