Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Windy Game Day

We had WIND last night. The power went out at 0200 and didn't come on again until around 0900. This is good. It illustrated for us the need to get a wood stove before winter.  I hadn't realized, in a power outage, we'd have no water. We have a well and a pump.  We'd also have no heat in the basement. We are considering options now. First line of attack is a woodstove and we have one to check out on Sunday. Craig's List is Michael's friend.

The trampoline blew from near the stairs, legs flew off and the mat stopped when it hit the tree.

A couple of trees blew down in the woods. 

We had our septic pumped today. The young man was great fun - he is a Red Green Fan. He couldn't find the "vault" we were told exists either. He put our mind at ease on a couple of counts - or at least he put my mind at ease -  Michael tends to take more convincing on some of these things. πŸ˜‰

Travis, Cat and the kids headed down the road.

Jamin and Jared dropped by. They have been planning a new game, "Riskopoly." Yes, you've guessed correctly. This was their maiden attempt - they wrote rules and will refine them.

One plays Monopoly and Risk at the same time. The money made in Monopoly finances the armies in Risk.  I'm not so sure what they think about the game, but they had fun spending the afternoon together. 
Serious business
Jamin is letting Nolan store his risk game. It's bigger than the one he has. 

We kept working on hanging photos. 

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