Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kitchen Organization

While the others worked outside, I turned my attention to the kitchen. I have a LOT of space in the kitchen - at least it SEEMS like a lot after two years of full-timing in the RV. I have empty drawers, and others with one item in them...Stacia has her own supply drawer.  This is all fine with me. We have determined we don't want to simply collect things to "fill the space." We liked living simply and want to continue to do so.....

In the RV I knew where everything was....I spend a lot of time looking for a can of what not, or the gadget someone has stashed in a new drawer. I, also, have a lot of willing helpers to put away groceries....but I want to be able to quickly FIND things....and so Stacia and I spent a day with the label maker.
Snacks above, bread supplies, pasta and rice below

Baking Center - Stacia's domain

Canned supplies 
I need to finish the cupboards and move on to the pantry. I ran out of energy! 

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