Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Moose Came For Breakfast and Stayed For Dinner

Two moose came for breakfast....the poor things had to get down on their knees to find food this time. The trees are bare - to include the brush pile. 

Watching them get up and down is always fun. 

As the sky lightened, I heard an odd noise and scrabbling sound. It was this little guy - a ptarmigan.

 They stayed to snooze....

And then there was lunch....

They spent the afternoon sleeping in the back woods...

and came out for dinner! 

I think these gals have claimed our home as their winter refuge. They aren't bothering anyone and they are fun to watch. We aren't leaving food out or feeding them. We're not interacting with them, other than to take photos and walk by them as we move around our business.

I am going to need a BIG fence around my garden...or an electric fence.

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