Thursday, January 25, 2018

Two Snowy Days

I turned 54 yesterday - and it wasn't a great day for me. This had nothing to do with aging a year. I'm quite happy to gain another year! It had nothing to do with gifts or plans or anything of the sort -  I just wasn't in the mood to celebrate. I didn't expect to be in a funk, but I was.

We began the day early with therapy. It began snowing. I love the snow. The snow is a great thing about yesterday.  We came home to Cory clearing the  driveway. He's a blessing.

Michael had a meeting and left after dropping me off. I went to "bed" and I gave in to the ugly cry. Sometime between getting up in the morning and seeing so many messages on facebook, and coming home from therapy, I realized in a deep, gut-wrenching way that I would not be hearing from Mom on my birthday. I'd not had a good ugly cry since Mom died, and it was time. I socialized as little as possible and the tears fell.

It was time for dinner and church and I was in no shape to go. I stayed home, and that gift of solitude is what I needed. I needed to be alone, to cry, to mourn, and to move on.  Stacia had made a lovely chocolate peanut butter bar which we ate, and then we watched an episode of Father Brown when they returned.

We woke to cool weather (2*) and snow. It's been snowing all day. I didn't realize it snowed when it was this cold - but it's beautiful. Have I mentioned I love snow? ⛄

Today was busy confirming speaker and getting ourselves out the door to homestead club. Our speaker spoke on livestock. I'm overwhelmed. Do I build a greenhouse first or a chicken coop? Do I order chicks NOW, before I have a coop? Where can I find a place to buy hens like a year old so we can have some eggs this summer?????

While we were in club, Michael visited Alaska Cheesecake. Do you see where this is going? He bought a 6 in White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. What a treat! Stacia and I have visited before - it IS right by the IDEA office after all...but we usually get a muffin size one and share it. LOL

It was foggy and snowy...and it got deeper as we neared our mountain. We were happy to find the boys and Cory out clearing the snow when we got home.  Michael joined them. I've got the best snow removal team in the valley.

Maria, that housewarming, wheelbarrow gift is an all-season gift! 

Stacia has been asking for Stir Fry for dinner. Tonight was the night to make that happen. I do love my new stove and the POWER BURNERS. Michael thinks I really should read the manual.

Any day which begins with snow and ends with stir fry and White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake has to be a great day! LOL 

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