Sunday, April 08, 2018

April's Birthday Dinner

We have only one "Gherkin" birthday in April - Bella's! It's hard to believe she is two years old. Even harder to believe was looking back to her last birthday. As many as were in the area were at a restaurant in Eugene, OR. She was surrounded by friends and Mom was there...we were all in the planning stages of moving to Alaska...and here we are! God has been so very faithful!

Izaak brought Bella in around dinner time and she made my day by running to me. She was wearing a flouncy, bouncy princess dress - and was quite adept at strutting it. I introduced her to the Gherkin Pig Hat - worn on every birthday. We used to require it all day, but as they grew into adulthood and hold responsible jobs...traditions change.  Tonight, the pig hat leapt to another generation. 

Bella chose the menu tonight: Pizza and chocolate chip cookies. I did sneak in a salad, BreZaak brought some fruit and CoRielle some yummy garlic bread. The Uncles and Gramps had to move my garden before we could eat. Josiah's pretty good with the Internet. He whipped out his phone and began to look for cheap greenhouses for sale. We found an incredible deal but it turns out he wanted to list it for $1500 and not $500. ::snort:: 

 She seemed taken aback when Gemma brought over a cookie on fire and the table broke into song. 

She wasn't about to blow on the fire. 

"Maybe, I'll finally get to eat this thing!"

Princess Duplos - they've come a long ways! 

Happy Birthday (on the 12th) Bella Boo! We sure love you! I can barely imagine the energy level next year when Gideon and Benny are a year old. 

About that Grandma name....It seems to vary by day. One day I was Wibbly Wobbly...and we like that one fairly well. ::snort::  Michael says she named us both in one fell swoop. I envision it in cast iron at the front of our yard, "Wibbly Wobbly Flats!" LOL

If you'd like to sing along...

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