Thursday, June 06, 2019

Alaskan Chandelier

Alex and I have been suffering through a new workout phenomenon. It began when the sun started staying out longer and the temps warmed above freezing.

There are swarms - SWARMS is not an exaggeration - of flies and mosquitoes in the garage. This leads to an array of wild arm motions and kicks while on the elliptical. It's been wild.

I had an idea... I tossed it out there...we now have an Alaskan Chandelier. It's the bug zapper from the RV hung on the moose hook in the garage. There is a plug in the ceiling; it didn't require any tripping hazards with cords stretched across the garage.

I went to Lowes hoping to splurge and buy a mosquito magnet. They are ALREADY sold out. I tried in July last year, and they were gone. I thought early June was safe.

Send all your proven mosquito combatant tips. These things are ALASKAN size mosquitoes!

Alex was more than willing to help with the idea....

Michael agrees it was a good idea! A pile of bug carcasses met us in the morning, but not a one while we worked out!

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