Monday, March 02, 2020

Sunday Snippets

It snowed a bit ....we shall see what that will do to our beautiful field of silk daffodils. At this point - well - take a look. Cody added some color to the scene.

And...just because I'm really happy to be 40 lbs less than I was at this time last's a photo. I have one more month in this first year of my journey back to health....I am NOT going to make my goal which is 25 lbs away....but I'm going to give it my all this month. NSV (non scale victory) new pants in a much smaller size. Enough said - for now. ::snort::

After church the "kids" and Dad went out to eat and came home. Michael and I stayed for the church's annual business meeting.

It seemed fitting to end "birthday month" by finally opening presents. They're good sports; Michael is still working on the gifts for the older boys. We still need to make it to the Extreme Fun Center for Alex's celebration.

I finally decided I was going to have to put my old phone out to pasture. It acted up at church. I was following along in You Version...we went from chapter 1 to chapter 2 with no trouble. When I clicked THE SAME ARROW to go from chapter 2 to chapter 3 - IT BEGAN TO READ CHAPTER 3 OUT LOUD. The volume was turned down - it was loud. The pause button wasn't working. I was holding the power button and it didn't turn off....I had hoped only pastor and those around us heard...but it turns out they heard the phone in the back. That's IT....I may well begin taking my physical Bible again....and I am working hard to rebuild this new phone to the way I want it. LOL

This may have been a better way to spend the afternoon....though I'm not sure what game they are playing. The first photo on the new phone...

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