Monday, February 01, 2021

Baby Love - Birthday Tea

 Bre invited Stacia and I over today for tea. We haven't seen them much. Bre and the kids haven't been out of the house since last Feb. I TAKE THAT BACK. Bre DID spend a night in the hospital when they brought Jojo home! ::snort:: 

I was super-excited. Jojo is about 10 weeks old here - this is my first time to hold him. Oh, baby love. 

An almost smile....

Ah, the spitty face! Love it. 

We had a fun visit. Stacia romped with the kids after tea and Bre and I were able to sit and relax. It turns out this was a birthday tea for ME....the kids made some fun cards, and they decorated this lovely teapot for me. I use it every morning to drink my "immunity tea" - makes it feel a bit more like pampering and less like forced drinking of medicine. LOL 

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