Wednesday, March 03, 2021

A Visit from The Boys

 This, of course, is the highlight of our day.  Arielle and the boys visited.  Nothing else to say. LOL  

📷by Arielle

Benny was game to try a new game....he invented his own rules as he didn't like the bouncing ball effect. 

The face of success!

Danny is full of smiles and giggles at 4 1/2 months old. 

We love having Nolan home more often - though it means he is working very late nights....GG made Benny a balloon with the bag his newspaper came in. He promptly turned it into a weapon to get an uncle. 

Benny LOVES Papa's late breakfasts. He can always score a bowl of cereal. 

Playing with G. G. 

Baachan's heart is captured. 
📷 by Arielle

📷 by Arielle 

March has been a hard month for our family since 2011. Playing together is good for all of us. 

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