Monday, August 16, 2021

Stacia Turned 16 Today - WHUT?

 Stacia turned 16 on the 16th! That hardly seems possible! But there you have it! Our baby is 16. 

When we began to talk to select a date to celebrate August's birthdays (Stacia's) and family get together we realized,  CyRi was going to be out of town Stacia's birthday week,  the week before and the week of the wedding were full, and BreZaak had company the first weekend. Stacia opted not to have a big family dinner. CyRi's wedding will check the family celebration box quite well.  We planned to go out for a birthday dinner at the location of her choice and then do gifts and cake here at home. 

As we began to execute the plan, various ones called to see what we were doing and ask to join us...turned out to be great fun at Sakura Sushis - a wonderful Japanese restaurant in the Valley. 

Danny thinks yakisoba is o.k. 

GG, Benny and Nolan, Alex, Michael, Allie, Stacia, Jamin 
Luke, Krista, Arielle, Danny, Benny

Sixteen - in the blink of an eye 

Benny was the official birthday helper. Weather help was needed with candles, clothing or gift transporting - he was johnny on the spot. 

Stacia got lovely gifts...lots of cake decorating tools, work out clothes, painting/crafting supplies, runners backpack, laptop (WHUT Alex has upped his gift giving game) and this fantastic survival kit...

The wearable blanket she purchased for Allie's birthday was such a hit, Allie got her one for her birthday. LOL It looks like some odd order of monks around here. LOL 

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You truly bless us all - we couldn't think of a better caboose to this crazy family train. 

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