Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Alaska Problems

The majority of our spare moments this week are filled with prepping for speaking at an upcoming 3 day Parenting Retreat for JBER.  

The girls are quick to jump in the car for any errands I need to run. Today,  I zipped through a coffee shack drive-through and we stopped beside the river, on our drive home. What a blessing it was to sit together and enjoy  a bit of nature -  the world outside our walls. 

As I attempted to clean up spilled chai, I discovered while it IS still fall, and I am FULLY EMBRACING FALL  for the beauty it IS (rather than dreading the winter it heralds), THE WIPES WERE FROZEN. 

Yes, frozen. I didn't think alcohol froze...Alaska problems. 

And the river? Beautiful. I need to go back with the camera (rather than the phone).  The river is a big, moving slushy! 

The white is ice...not waves....

Some of the water near the banks is frozen (though one should NOT go out on it), the river will continue to flow...but it is showing more and more ice and snow in it..... 

I DO love the sun coming through the trees in the back yard in the morning. 

This will be a ramp for the sledding "hill." 

Since there is still NOT significant snow on the ground, I am still comfortable calling this Alaska fall. 

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