Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Winter Recess!

Even very studious young ladies eventually need to blow off a bit of steam! Today, these two hit the back yard. Their mission - work on the sledding platform/run. Millie was thrilled to join them outside. 

I LOVE the time of day when the sun comes shining through the trees and over the mountain. 

Millie is so pretty in her coat and boots. 

See - off grid is doable in the winter. LOL 

The girls got the landing done and needed to pack down the run. It worked well - except for MILLIE. Millie was determined to get in the middle of the fun. 

Millie's legs are all off the ground....

Poor Millie. Stacia wasn't having any more interruptions. Sled run packing is a serious business. 

Millie tells Grandpa all about it. 

The girls determined it was time to come inside and warm up. There is no better way to warm up than a mid-afternoon tea break. Though this time they made hot chocolate mix and fixed themselves mugs of chocolate. 

Eventually, recess comes to an end and it's back to the ole books for these two.....

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