Friday, January 07, 2022

Supply Chain Disruption

This is what a supply chain disruption looks like.... This happens due to weather fairly regularly. Alaskans aren't ALL panic buyers, but the few panic buyers mixed with the supply chain disruption during events like windocalypse lead to bare shelves. 

No fresh produce this week. It's a good time to eat down some of the produce in the freezer and pantry. LOL 

We are slowly building our stock of paper products, baking supplies, and things we preserve to be able to better handle the inevitable supply chain disruptions. 

This time we discovered the weakest link in our plan is the well water without electricity. We had drinking water, but needed water for household needs and animals....we are planning to start looking for a generator for the pump. 

We had a slow day around here. Stacia is writing more chapters in her book. I read the part of the book she gifted to Michael. Grandpa rested. Allie worked in a couple of book drafts. Michael and Alex had Bible study; they discovered there is no equivalent exchange in God's economy.

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