Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Refreshing Rest & Recuperation

 Shortly after writing the last post more of us came down with the bug. Grandpa was sick for 3 days. Allie got sick. I got sick. Nolan was sick a few days. Alex sounded congested one day and Michael never got sick at all.  None of us were every covid positive. We had a bunch of others at church out sick, things were cancelled, and we were content to take our sambuca, D, C, Zinc and such...and rest. On any given day some were up, and some were down.  It was a lazy week...a week which brought a big measure of healing and refreshing. 

We took the time to enjoy sunrises - which happened at 9:27 a.m. on this day. LOL 

Stacia took advantage of the lazy schedule to finish this painting which she and Allie had begun. We spent each afternoon watching Heartland and reading. It was relaxing to wrap up in blankets in the living room and not have to rush to be anywhere or do anything.  LOL 

The chickens want to be cared for even when one feels like staying in bed. LOL 

One day Allie and Stacia both had a burst of energy at the same time. They dressed, put on make-up and took a selfie. 

Michael, the only one not afflicted, was reduced to leftovers. Check out Millie's nose. The best training goes awry when mama is sick. 
Look at his knee

Stirring peanut butter is a thing around here....

It didn't escape our notice we were all ill on the 2nd of Feb - the day we were scheduled to have flown to Hawaii. I am very thankful I was here to care for Grandpa and that it didn't fall to the kids. It was a good call to push the trip off until next year. 

We're all feeling well this week. We're back to our normal home routines and schedules. Things are still slow at the church but we're up and about. And look....seeds are in the store. 
It's time to start planning a garden. I believe I still have plenty of time before I start seeds, which is a good thing as the seed planting greenhouse got crushed in our big windstorm. Our first year I started seeds in February, way too early.  In previous years I was told our last frost date was May 31st but looking it up online it says May 1st for the nearest town (zone 4b). HOWEVER, we live about 5 miles outside of town and the town on the other side of us is zone 4a with a last frost date of May 21-May 31st.  What's a newbie to do? I was told to wait until the birch leaves were the size of squirrel's ears...maybe I'll go by that. LOL Nah, I think I'll check out when Arctic Organics plant their outside gardens and plant then. 

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