Sunday, March 20, 2022

Every Breaking Wave

Allie typically does not like to share her ASL videos. However, this is a season of stepping outside of her comfort zone and since ASL Interpretation requires being in front of people she is working hard to get comfortable sharing her work. It's a season of STRETCH. 

Allie has been working on a big project.  Her ASL mentor/tutor strongly encouraged Allie to get out of her comfort zone and enter the Eric Malz Malzkuhn ASL Literature Competition sponsored by the National Honor Society of ASL. 

This challenged Allie to sign in "pure ASL" rather than simply interpreting English to ASL sign words. This is more of a flow of thought - focusing on meaning and emotion rather than a word for word English translation. That is why this is more dramatic than many videos she has previously done. It is also why her mentor informed her dancing and smiling was not appropriate. ::grin:: 

Allie finished the video early so she could help CyRi move on the 18th. The evening of the 17th she was informed her teacher had overlooked a few things Allie needed for the video. She had one day to redo it all and turn it in again. We wanted to go out into the ocean...but Alaska being what it is, we decided not to. By entering this competition Allie will be eligible to apply for an ASL scholarship. 

Without further ado, I present to you our Allie preforming "Every Breaking Wave" by U2. 

 Of course, there were bloopers...pretty funny bloopers even if you don't know ASL. 


Patty Hough said...

Tell Allie that her presentation is amazing! I've heard of poetry in motion, but now I've seen it.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I will tell her. I agree, it's beautiful to watch.