Saturday, April 23, 2022

Garden Work Begins

Michael was outside today working on extending the footers on the greenhouse foundation. I enlisted the girls to watch movies with GG and headed out to see if I could shovel snow away from the garden beds. The beds were covered in black plastic last fall.  I removed the plastic and began shoveling. 

Nolan's desk looks out the window. He decided to come join us outside. He helped shovel snow. I pulled the few weeds starting to pop up in the bed. Nolan brought over a load of the home grown compost and we spread it on top of the bed. Then, we added a load of the organic compost we purchased last year.  

This one bed is ready to go.  The planting chart for our zip code says I could start carrots, spinach or beets outside - 6 weeks before the last frost. I'm debating what to start, if anything. 

At this point I covered the bed with corrugated plastic. I'm hoping it will warm the soil up a bit. I did find a few spots that are still icy as we turned it over. BUT we found worms and that's a good sign. 

Nolan went on to taking apart the compost bed. It's now totally moved and a flatbed trailer will be able to back up to the foundation Michael is finishing. Michael's tooth is still not feeling great, but much better than it has been. 

Some are saying summer is here. I'm not sure about THAT, but spring is certainly here. I am hoping for green in a couple of weeks.

I am brainstorming how to turn pallets into a garden fence....

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