Friday, May 06, 2022

A Very Good Friday

 Friday commenced with an early morning zoom followed by Breakfast study with Stacia at 0700. 

We rushed home and I got a few things done, checked on Michael and Grandpa and then raced out the door for Allie and Stacia's hair appointment.  Stacia cracked me up - a writer's going to write! She is writing the end of a novel she's been working on....and we can't wait to read the ENDING. 

Stacia post hair cut 

Allie and I were not nearly as productive.  Note the circles under the eyes - a typical Alaskan thing in the summer....the sun is always up...who wants to sleep a minute of it away? 

Allie pre-hair cut

We came back home again and before we knew it it was time to head out again for an appointment with Allie. 

While we were on our way home CoRielle texted and asked if they and a young friend of theirs could come by for a play date!  Wibbly Wobbly Acres park is not fully functional yet, but we love having the grands and their friends over. 

Benny was quick to pick us all flowers! 

Benny pulled out the kids' picnic table and Cory, Arielle, Danny and his buddy (note I am not showing face or name as I haven't gotten permission from his parents) promptly took advantage of it. 

Danny LOVES the horse noises....

Benny is into pirates this week. He has attempted to get everyone he meets to play pirates. The girls were happy to engage his imagination. He called me a Baachan pirate and I had sharp teeth and growled. The play structure was the pirate ship. 

Danny is unconcerned about pirates! 

Go get em, Danny. He's about to take off and chase after Benny. 

When the excitement of the play date was over, and everyone had gone home, the kids continued their inside excitement...reading, writing, researching. 

Michael and I worked on another project - but I'll do a separate post on our activities. We met for dinner - YoYo (Your On Your Own)...the guys are settling down for the night as they work at 0500.  The rest of us are waiting for Grandpa to finish dinner so we can watch an episode of The Chosen. 

It's been a very good Friday. 

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