Tuesday, May 17, 2022

We Did a Thing

Spring colors

 We aren't celebrating Mother's Day until this Sunday. The thought is that this allows all our Gherkin mom's to have their private day with their kiddos, and allows our lovely in law children to be able to celebrate with their Moms.  However, I did give Bre and Arielle a gift certificate for a pedicure for Mother's Day. It took a couple of weeks but we scheduled the outing for this afternoon. I dropped the girls off at BreZaak's and picked up Bre and Jojo. Arielle lives next door and Cory was home from work.  We stopped for drinks and headed to the salon. 

Ah, the relaxation. Time to connect...and OH...those massage chairs! LOL   This was good.  I've not gone for a pedicure with friends, or daughters, since Misawa, Japan. I left Japan 9 1/2 years ago. I plan to work this into the budget and schedule more often. 

Jojo was not sure at all about this lady messing with Mommies feet. 

 In the end he decided it was o.k. and enjoyed chilling out with Mom. 

My earliest memories of pedicures are from Bislig, Philippines with Gracie Potes. It was a big deal in Japan and Korea as well. I can't seem to recreate the Japanese Onsen (bath house) quite yet, but this I can do. It is a really nice shop and we had a good time. They only have 4 chairs so I am going to HAVE to go again when Carrie and Krista book their outing. After 9 years my feet can use the extra pampering. 

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