Monday, August 08, 2022

A VERY Busy Monday

 Bre had an OB appointment and so I found myself at their home as the kids came out for breakfast! Its a great time of the day to snatch some cuddles. We read, played pirates and mermaids and then an elaborate game with tunnels and tents. 

Smile BIG Annie! 

Jojo is easiest to photograph from this position

Fire in the hole! 

I got home just in time for Arielle and the boys to show up to spend time with Dad.  She sent us a couple of photos to share some of the fun they were having. 

📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

The best lunches are worn

Michael and I took the girls out to lunch. We opted for Krazy Moose Subs. Yum. Next, we picked up Allie's new college laptop! We give all the kids a "good" laptop when they graduate from high school...of course, by the time they finish college it's obsolete, but we try to give them a solid start. LOL  


It was fun to watch Allie wrestle with herself while we shopped. She "wanted" to go for the cheapest, but also loved the look of a couple of the end we told her we wanted at LEAST one of the processors...she didn't care about touch screen and we wanted lots of memory....we landed on the perfect one for as 1 TB memory, a better processor than we set as the minimum, Allie likes the look of it, AND it was in stock.  Woot! A begins shortly. 
It was a busy and productive start to what looks to be shaping up to be a busy week. 

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