Monday, August 22, 2022

Stacia's FIRST Day of our LAST Year of Homeschooling

 This is the first day of Stacia's SENIOR YEAR, and the first day of our 34th year of homeschooling!  

34 years and we FINALLY did the first day of school picture! snort:: Thanks to Stacia for humoring me, getting dressed, and putting on make-up for a photo! LOL Thanks to BreAnne for loaning us her board.  One spot says, "What I want to be when I grow up," she put a big question mark. I told her she should read it, "Where do I want to be when I grow up?" That's an easy answer - Japan. LOL 

Two weeks ago, at co-op a sweet gal came in and wanted to know who  Obachan was. She is of Japanese descent and had seen a marking on my car proclaiming to all I'm Bachan.  As we talked, I shared Stacia's heart to go to Japan and she assured me there are plenty of jobs she can get in Japan, and I should be at peace about her going. Maybe not at 17 - I have quite a long way to go until I'm at peace. LOL 

We were up at 0715 making sure Stacia understood the manuals and syllabi for each course.  She is taking Japanese History, Japan 4, Logic, Comparative Religions, Classical Lit, Music Comp and a "shadow credit" of math. 
Today was a wild start to a school year. First, all the intro discussions with me put her "behind" where she wanted to be. Then Arielle and the boys came over to allow Mike and I to go out for brunch. Our respite hours have been cut as she will have therapy with Little Buddy during our normal times.  We jumped at the chance to go out...Stacia was sad not to be able to play with the boys...but she stayed focused and soldiered on. 
GG and Little Buddy 

Danny & Arielle

Arielle has her hands as full as her heart as she juggles Little Buddy and Danny. I didn't get a photo of Benny today...he was busy. 

Millie did NOT take kindly to Stacia having her attention back on books. First, she laid on Stacia as she tried to read Father Brown. 

She finally gave up, grabbed pink monkey, came upstairs and pouted on the couch. I swear she is part human. 

Dad was loud today. He was in a good mood. Which we love.  He expressed it by singing all types of old songs - LOUD.  Krista suggested she use noise-cancelling headphones tomorrow.  A great idea. 

All in all, Stacia got er done. 

Michael got 3 cottonwoods cut down from the front of our house - and some brush from the orchard taken down as well. 

Alex had the day off. Nolan and Allie had work.  Stacia and I went out with Krista tonight...which I will blog next. 

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