Monday, September 05, 2022

Berries and Eggs

 We could not believe how nice it was today! No rain. 63 degrees - the forecast now shows no highs for the next 10 days out of the 50's.  We plan to work this week on buttoning down the garden and yard for the fall.... but TODAY...I PLAYED. Michael and Alex liked the idea of staying home with GG more than playing on the mountain. Nolan and Allie ended up both being too worn out from work during fair week to want to go play.  I thnk both actually worked on college. Stacia, Millie and I went Berry picking with Jamin. 

The drive up, the morning in the mountains, confirm beyond a doubt fall has arrived in Alaska. 

Gorgeous colors, fireweed is gone! 

BLUE skies

We found a spot where there were still berries - off the beaten trail a bit - and settled in to get berries.  Jamin pointed out it's a good summer in Alaska when you get harvest blueberries and salmon. We're blessed. 

We found while the bushes were picked over, if we looked low on the bush, we found more berries. This is later in the year than I've picked before, and I noted when the bushes are yellow one simply places a hand under the berries and the fall into your hand.  We picked nearly 2 gals between year I want to go up earlier and go several times. 

I am wondering if this red berry is high bush cranberry. I could have picked gallons of them. I almost did, but Jamin thought I shouldn't on the off chance that it would kill us to eat them. I need to go with someone who really KNOWS the foraging scene in Alaska. LOL 

We got home about 1:30 p.m. Spending the time on the mountain was refreshing and just what I needed. Stacia got up early and did school before we left, when we got home and between evening events. She refused to get "behind." 

I had enough time at home to touch base with Michael, Nolan and Allie and to make Dad lunch. Stacia and I tool Allie to work...

We headed over to a young family's home for Stacia to spend time getting to know their kiddoes. I enjoyed sitting outside with a cup of tea and visiting with Joelle, their mom. Stacia looks forward to watching the kiddoes in the future. 

Nolan had offered Michael and I  two fair tickets and a parking pass. Michael was willing to go if I wanted to. He wasn't EXCITED about the crowds. Nolan and Stacia were home and determined the two of us go out somewhere and they would get GG dinner and stay with him.  In the end we decided to drive around, take roads we've never taken and eventually get dinner. I was a bit surprised when he pulled the car to the side of the road and told me to get out. WHAT? 

 He'd seen a beautiful rainbow in the rearview mirror. 

Earlier in the day, as I dropped off Allie, I received a text from Nora that said, "I see you." 

Sort of an eerie feeling. I looked around, wondered and confirmed she was at McDonalds. 

Now, we got back in the car, and I got a text from Jacque saying, "That's a beautiful rainbow you're taking a picture of." 

These encounters were GREAT. Connections. We are connected enough to be known when we go out in our community. We love smaller town living. We felt at home, at peace, we belong. 

From here we drove down several roads we've wondered about...and found a gorgeous Salvation Army camp on a lake...we thought we were probably close to John and Jacques new home...popped it in the GPS and we were 3 minutes yes, I sent her a text that said, "We see you" as pulled into their drive and surprised them. 

Qdoba's was our next stop and then we came home to find the kids playing Mario something or other in the living room. 

Michael took care of critters. He suggested I go to bed - and I did. I'm assuming he got GG to bed and picked up Allie. ::snort:: 

Look at this! 15 eggs today. The crew from 2020 were simply not good egg layers. I had picked them out of a big box at the local feed store. I've learned. This year 1/2 of the chicks we ordered were from breeds known to be good layers. I'm done taking my chances. Two and half years of feeding 16 hens and getting 3 eggs a day - on a good day. LOL We now have 20 hens and got 15 eggs today. Yes, this is a better investment. Local friends may well begin receiving eggs on their doorstep. LOL  Most the eggs are still pretty small, but a few are getting up to the 2 oz size. 

It wasn't our normal Labor Day - but it was a great day nonetheless. 

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