Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Stacia's First College Application

Stacia is very excited about getting on with college now that she has a plan in sight...move to Japan as a missionary. She's been checking out the material being sent to her. We were SHOCKED when a denominational college wanted $10,800 for ONE SEMESTER. She talked with a youth leader at church, he is enrolled in Global University. It is also with the denomination. It's accredited. It's online AND she can start as a high school student. She won't be able to access Michael's VA college benefit until she graduates from high school, but we agreed it was a good idea for her to start now.  Here she is submitting her first college application. 

She's only allowed to take one class at a time until she demonstrates she can do the coursework. We have no doubt, she'll be just fine. Anything she finishes now will hasten the day she gets her bachelors and can move to Japan. (Not sure how MOM is feeling about THAT).  She'll continue to finish up her high school credits and start on her college ones. She will not get dual credit - but we don't really care about that. It's a solid step towards her goal. 

She wants to do a semester in Japan, and this will allow her to that....she can also go at her speed. 

I know I'm supposed to be thinking about what I am going to do now that I'm in the last year of homeschooling our baby, but frankly I'm too tired to give it much thought at this point. 


Renee said...

I'm guessing she is not planning to go for college scholarships? I only ask as previous college credit not done through dual enrollment can make one ineligible.

Anonymous said...

Her VA benefits from Michael being 100% disabled will cover most of her college, probably all. She has been offered two really nice scholarship opportunities but both are in universities that will not offer what she wants. I will bring this up, but I am pretty sure she is going to move ahead on this.