Tuesday, March 21, 2023

First Spring Tea Party

Benny asked so nicely. 

"Bachan, after science and naps, can we have a tea party at your house?"

Who could resist?  I always love having drop in tea parties with friends and family. . . And if they were coming over for a tea party it needed to be a bit nicer than our spur of the moment parties. While they napped and such I ran home and baked some cookies and set a table that would be a bit special and still kid friendly. Two kinds of cookies, banana bread, almonds, toffee, mnms scattered here and there, a plate of fruit and hot drinks. Benny requested his favorite, "China tea." China tea is also known as sugar free chai tea. LOL  Just look at these excited little faces!

Who says boy moms don't get to enjoy tea parties? 

 Little Buddy was so cute when they ran in..."Found it! Found it." I used the good kid China. These cups are melamine, and the kids love them. 

It wasn't long before GG and papa joined us. The boys thought that was pretty special. I did too. 
Little Buddy, Arielle, Danny, Papa, GG and Benny
Papa took care of cleaning up the two-year-olds, while Arielle and I cleaned up the food and such. Benny brought a couple of games upstairs. 

Hungry, Hungry Dinos

Danny moved on to this banana game. I love his expressions in these photos...and the laugh when the monkey flew out of the banana tree was priceless. 

Papa introduced Little Buddy to his favorite game...airplane. 

Benny managed to pick pocket Michael's flashlight. Michael has a thing about flashlights, and it's been he and Benny's thing for years. Benny let Michael know Little Buddy didn't know about flashlights or have one...which led to Michael finding three little ones and giving each of the boys a new flashlight...

It was a fun spring afternoon! Our first Spring Tea Party!!!!

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