Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Spring Field Trip

Instead of watching the boys while Arielle went to work, THIS morning, I joined them for a bit of a Spring Field Trip. It may be 4 degrees outside, but we were warm and had our hands in the dirt!!! Spring is coming.  This was a fun outing to Ken's Garden Center. 

📷by Arielle 

It was a fun morning. I was a bit taken aback when the clerk said to remember not to put anything in the ground until June.  Reality.  It was a good reminder as I was thinking I was behind on seeds. LOL 

📷by Arielle 

This is a boy after my heart. He really, really wanted to plant watermelon. I have tried in various greenhouses for the past 3 years and know that they just don't set... and I would like the grands to enjoy gardening. We poured over the seeds. Finally, his mama found a pretty packet of herbs with flowers. 
📷by Arielle 

Danny was not 100% sure about playing in the dirt.
Danny & Benny 

Little Buddy was even MORE reluctant than Danny to play in the dirt. 
Little Buddy, Danny, Benny 

Bachan's proud little gardener! 

Little Buddy didn't want his hands in the dirt, but he was happy to empty containers I filled. 

I had never been inside to look around, and Arielle was looking for a specific plant so in we went. The boys helped me pick out succulents for the little pots Krista and the kids brought us Sunday. Benny was fascinated by the Venus Fly Trap...so I bought that too...now I'm wondering if they HAVE to have flies to eat to live and if I have to go hunt flies in the middle of winter  early spring!😀

When we finished, I headed further into town to our food co-op.  I came home a yummy roast in the instant pot. I am SO glad I had time to get it in before I left this a.m. We had a salad made, I threw some potatoes into the air fryer and we had a yummy dinner on a busy day. 

Grandpa is not feeling well. He is nauseated and simply spent most the day in bed. He's not complaining of shingles. I think he caught the flu - somewhere? Not sure where. 

*If I use the word SPRING often enough, I am sure warmer weather and flowers will appear! 

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