Saturday, June 17, 2023

A Very Good Friday

 It worked better the next couple of weeks for the girls and I meet together, rather than one on one on two separate days.  This week we had friends over Thursday morning and next Friday I will be flying - Lord willing. I love the insights these two share, the heart discussions we get involved with during our studies...good stuff. I'm savoring the minutes as I know it won't be too long and they'll both be out and about in the big world. 

We had plenty of time for discussion during ladies' study on Wed night and so I was relaxed with our time, and we barely made it home in time for Stacia's Japanese class. She was taking off her shoes as she logged on to her class. 

We ran out after her class. She is working on car training with Millie, so we took her with us. We headed for the river so Stacia could collect some props for Sunday's children's church. She'll be teaching the lesson this week. 

A pupacino gives Millie incentive to like the van. She used to not want to get in at all. 

Jenni dropped by to proctor Stacia's final exam in her Old Testament Prophets Global class. She made a 94%. She is figuring out the test taking schtick. She has decided not to enroll in further classes until Mid-August. She needs a bit of a break between high school and more college. She went through her Sunday lesson for Jenni and a congregation of stuffed animals.

I was glad we had an hour or so to sit and chat together before Jenni had to rush to the airport to pick up friends. 

Michael and I rounded out the day by meeting up with Ray and Donna in Anchorage. This was the perfect time to touch base with old ministry partners/friends. It was fun to catch up....they are now in Alabama...We met when Ray and Michael were chaplains at Elmendorf AFB. These visits are precious and rare. 

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