Monday, June 05, 2023

Monday at Warp Speed

 We had a list of social media things we needed to do for the church today. I knocked the ones out at home I could - just scheduling posts for upcoming events, sending reminders for this and that, and then we went over to the church. Michael started the uploading of the sermon. This takes a couple of hours to load, and as we don't live on campus, it involves coming back over on Monday. While he got that going, I began making copies for the new Ladies Bible Study. 

We headed over to the parsonage while the video loaded. I wanted to take some Old English to the wood furniture and mop the floors one more time. Michael washed windows inside and out.  You cannot beat the views from the parsonage! Michael got the entry level windows at the church done too. It was such a beautiful day. 

We got home and threw some food on the table. Stacia had a date at Nolan and Alex's and we dropped her off on our way to Benny's T-Ball game.  The wind was a bit chilly, but the weather is much nicer. We didn't give GG the opportunity to tell us he wasn't coming this week. LOL 

Papa and Danny

Cory, Arielle, Michael, Little Buddy, Danny, GG 

GG is not 100% sure what to think about T-ball. He can't figure out why they aren't calling outs or keeping score.  While we're yelling, "Great catch!" He's yelling, "THROW IT TO FIRST!" ::snort:: 

Back at home Michael finished this project for me. I'm happy to have a table on the deck. I have plans to get GG outside a bit more than he's been doing. It's not THAT cold. The table is from Luke and Krista's recent downsize/move. 

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