Tuesday, June 27, 2023

We Got Er Done

 I needed to keep the car this morning and Stacia needed to be at Day 2 of VBS. It took some maneuvering, but we made it work.  I drove Stacia to Arielle's to catch a ride to VBS.  I came home and got to work on a few things that needed caught up after my weekend away.  

Michael stayed with GG when I needed to head to Wholesome Foods Co-op for my volunteer gig. Arielle brought Stacia home.  She changed clothes and Michael and GG drove her to UPS to print her resume and then around town to drop off one application she filled out and 5 resumes. In one spot she was given an on-the-spot interview and told her they would call her tomorrow. 

I got home from co-op and put things away. Stacia had made a wonderful dinner of Chicken Divan. We now have several bags of yumminess ripening on the hope chest. LOL 

Some days it takes a whole village just to check through the to do list. LOL  But, "We got er done!" 

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