Thursday, July 13, 2023

A.B.C. Easy as 1.2.3 - Campus Tour

 As previously mentioned, Stacia has been debating a college change. We have continued trying to gather info from Global University and Liberty Online, but it became apparent the personnel at Alaska Bible College are quick and responsive to questions, the others not so much.  I still have several emails and phone messages out to both online colleges. 

While Stacia is most comfortable in her isolated educational style...she began to wonder if the next step in dealing with her personal trauma from the big quake/tsunami might be to stretch herself outside of her safe bubble and attend classes with other students and real teachers. She arranged for the family to tour Alaska Bible College today. 

Stacia & Allie 

Did I say family? The girls, Michael, GG and I all went on the tour. I thought of calling the siblings but figured if we showed up en masse it would feel like an invasion...maybe a friendly invasion, but an invasion, nonetheless. Although she IS our baby - so you know....what's a little invasion?

Michael, Allie, Stacia 

We enjoyed each staff member who gave their time to answer our questions and share about the college. We asked all our questions, enjoyed the tour and were WOWED by the Christian library. Y'all its the biggest in Alaska. I'd forgotten such places exist. I made up my mind right then SOMEONE was enrolling so I could have access to the library. Just KIDDIN! Or am I?

Stacia may be a tad bit overwhelmed by how fast things are moving since her calls on Monday.  

📷by Allie 

No, she is really o.k. 

📷by Allie 

Michael had an appointment and jetted off. We decided to head over to DQ for a late lunch/early dinner...a college campus tour celebration. 

Back at home the girls and I continued to discuss options. I asked Stacia what she was thinking...and just like Easy as 123...She sent in the initial application to ABC. It seems appropriate for her to send in her college application from this position as she and Allie spent much of their Junior/Senior years like this. LOL 

We are waiting for the Certificate of Eligibility from the VA. She will qualify for Dependents Educational Assistance - Chapter 35 due to Michael's VA Disability rating of 100%. It would have covered everything with a nice lump left over at Global. ABC is over twice the cost of Global - but we think it is going to be money well invested... We're all singing this tonight....

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