Thursday, August 31, 2023

August Randomness

Here are some shots from things I never got around to blogging...randomness from August. 

Stacia joined Arielle and the boys on one of our glorious summer days at the local swimming hole. She planned to work this summer, I'm really glad she hasn't.  It's been fun to have this last little bit of childhood with her before she turns 18 and jumps into college. 

Stacia and Danny 📷by Arielle 

Danny 📷by Arielle 

He's cool. 

That smile! 📷by Arielle

Ah - Sonlight Box day! Oh the memories they'll make this school year. 
📷by Arielle

Our new little ladies have begun laying...Quite a bit smaller than the others...but we're getting lots and lots of eggs now. We have 35 hens and 1 rooster for those who wonder. 

Stacia turned 18 this month. She decided she was going to attend youth group until she was 18...but she's graduated high school, she's 18 and it's time to transition out of youth group. It can get so uncomfortable for younger ones entering youth group if graduates never move on. Her birthday and last youth group fell on the night of the Back to School Olympics. She was happy to be able to participate. Allie is a year older but has stayed on as part of the leadership team. She is in charge of games, leads small groups and has also spoken a night or two. 
Allie in the middle, Stacia on the right 📷via Krista G

Stacia is working with Jenni, our children's pastor. She has taken the lead a couple of times when Jenni has been gone. 
Stacia's team in the lead📷via Krista G

August is the month of our State Fair. I've not made it over this year but have enjoyed hearing from those who have. Noah and his folks went to the fair where Noah experienced his first comedian show. 
📷via Larissa

Larissa, Noah and Jared📷via Larissa

Our new pastor began the first week of August. Bre has been helping out with worship. 
📷via Facebook post 

The boys came over one Sunday afternoon and the battery wasn't in the car. Charles and Danny spent a "happy" hour pushing the car back and forth across the yard. LOL 
Push, Charles! 

Cuteness Overload 📷via Larissa

Allie produced this week's announcement video for church. 

Noah went to his first nursery gig at JaRissa and CyRi's church. Larissa sent this photo when she picked him up. She said he had a bit of an attitude about being left. 
📷via Larissa
It's been a busy month! 

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