Tuesday, February 28, 2023

February Snippets

 Glimpses of the "little things" which gave the month meaning and fun.  Look at this sweet valentine!

Noah at about a month 📸by Larissa

Sisters! Bella and Trudy (about 3 months)

📸by BreAnne

We call this vibe night - a time when sisters (and Mom if I'm not too tired) relax together...this night was face masks and soaking - while Michael and I were in Hawaii. 

📷by Allie

Shaved Ice in honor of Hawaii - we have lots of snow. 
📷by Stacia

The one on the right is 2 oz - a LARGE egg - which makes most our eggs jumbo.

Stacia made these wonderful pillows of sweetness...

Bella with her flowery hair clip from Hawaii
📷by Bre

A boy with his box of treasures

Tuesday morning work out with the boys! 

Josiah helped Jared get the snow off their roof. 
Jared 📸by Larissa

Josiah 📸by Larissa

Hello! Sweet Noah! 
📸by Larissa

It's hard to believe February is already ending....on with March! 

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