Monday, June 03, 2024

Happy Birthday, Krista!

The day began with lots of tears and ended with lots of smiles!  That's our norm in this season. 😏

Today is Krista's birthday. We knew she was coming over in the afternoon to interview Michael for her doctoral thesis, or maybe it's a dissertation. Y'all she's going to be a DOCTOR in October!  

Stacia planned to have two friends over for an art day. One ended up getting ill, but they'll try to meet up again with her, and Stacia, Allie and Lorelai had a fun afternoon. 

KrUke's kids came out with Krista. They rode bikes, jumped on the trampoline, hung out.  When the girls were free, they took them out to the bike trail by our house and they all enjoyed a nice long ride. 

Krista ran the kids to Elwood's for a Dole Whip and took them home as they didn't want to top the day off with a meal out. We all met her and Luke's parents at Red Robin in Wasilla. 

Krista moved up here after she finished her Master's degree in VA. It has been such a blessing to have her here. I learn to be intentional in my relationships from Krista. She always has fun plans and ideas to pull us all together.  She sticks with those who are bristly, and I have seen her sit with those who want to simply sit, while running marathons with those who function better with activity. She is a unique gift-giver; the best gift-giver really. She's constantly dropping things off for me to deliver to various neices and nephews. On top of the fun and joy - Michael loves to sit and chat ministry/chaplaincy things with her.  He has really enjoyed being her editor for papers and such these past few years. Krista blesses our hearts in so many ways. We are prepping our hearts for their pcs in 2025. 

Krista and Mona, her Mother in Law

This is her first birthday since losing her childhood partner in crime,  adventurous  misbehavior,  adventures. Krista and Josiah were 18 months apart. She was petite, he was quite large for his age as a baby/toddler...for years people thought they were twins.  They had a tight bond as children, one which they maintained and were growing since she moved up to Alaska.   We are thankful she is nearby, and we could spend the afternoon/evening with her.  We also loved the chance to spend more time with Mark and Mona!

Mark and Michael 

...and how can you go wrong with never-ending fries???? Check out GG's beard...he is starting to LOOK ALASKAN! 

These two have been busy enjoying their college break. They've both got resume's together and plan to enter the job market shortly. 

Stacia and Allie 

Happy Birthday, Krista! We were happy to spend the afternoon with you. I just realized you won't be home for the family gathering this month which celebrates your birthday! This makes me even happier we had tonight with you. 

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