Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photobucket GRANNIE JAN POST! ::snort::

Here you go, Mom and anyone else who likes photos.

No title needed

NO, no, no!!!! This is not mine. We saw this when walking one night. I'd be very worried if *I* were the parents at this house.....but it gave me a fun "flat stanley" idea if I should ever need a creative way to make announcements in the future.


Oh YES - Zander and Stacia had hours of fun painting little animals that Grannie Jan sent them.


I'd say the costume is a bit big....


I do NOT remember going to the park...evidently sometime after lunch with John and Nadine and before Improv (if the order of photos are an indication) I DID go to the park...


And so did Jamin and Jared. ::snort::


IMPROV - I can't show a photo of Nolan as each one of him is with children whose parent's have not given permission for blog photos....

Deja - my camera was dark but I have lots of photos to send your way. Here's Emma.....


And out of all the Ellie photos I love this one best.


Here's Arielle (L) with Eric (Deja's son) OK - Doug's son too. ::snort::

Mike taught at RE about the sheep knowing the Shepherd's voice...even Stacia participated.


Stacia likes the contemporary service....


REALLY likes it - Zander is overloaded with sensory input. Praying about this.


Forgot I did THIS too....Jamin bought his OWN laptop and such. We always give them that for graduation but we'll all be happier if Jamin has his own laptop to write on. Yay - Chick Fil A!. LOL


My friend Deja.....keeping all on track at Mom's Night Out....while I harass her....OK having pity on Deja and not posting this photo. ::snort::

Other photos from farewells, parks, plays, tea will have to wait as I don't have permission to post those images. Chicken photos next..... actually I think more rest for migraine. LOL



Mama Teaching 3 said...

Oh he will love that new laptop that he earned all his own! Great job kid! :)

Hello, I am Chelita from Louisiana...homeschool mama to two!

Debbie said...

De'Etta, I have missed you! Your life is have been a wild ride the last few weeks (well always).

I can't believe how much more grown up Stacia looks. She is losing that baby look.

Linda said...

Speaking of Chick Fil-A, Greg was asking if your boys plan to buy a franchise some day. He said they are VERY inexpensive but come with the requirement that you've worked there for a certain number of years prior. Well??? That would be a good entreprenunial (sp?) experience! :-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Debbie - she is, isn't she? And I'm learning to be content without a new baby face around here. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Chelita.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Linda - they ARE inexpensive...BUT you are right that there are lots of hoops to jump fact statistically you have a better chance of being slected for the FBI than being selected to be an owner operator for chick fil a. They require a business degree...which is why Cy is getting one...yes, he'd like to own a chick fil a. He's very impressed with the company and his manager.

Anonymous said...


LOVW the fotos... but you knew that already didn't you?

The kids just keep on making us so proud! Tell Jamin, way to go!! I sure loved my laptop years ago when I had one.

Love the growing up image of Stacia. So glad she and Alexander liked the stuff. IT IS SO MUCH FUN FINDING BARGAINS AND BUY THEM. :):):)

When I can Friday mornings are going to be for two friends who always go "slumming" to all the new/used places in Eugene/Springfield. FUN!!!

I'll finally have someone to go to garage sales this summer.


Mom T

all in the family said...

My Laptop died and I would have to pay more to fix it (new motherboard) than to buy a new one. I see he has a Toshiba. I also bought a new one, Toshiba at OD. I also found a $100 off of a computer purchase online for Office Max and OD took it. Mine was a 17" and ended up being $499! We were thrilled. I had to have it for my conferences. One down and two to go!
See ya

Kristine said...

I wonder how many people did a double take at THAT photo at the top, lol.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL - you were the only one to mention it Kristine.