Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PhotobucketPassover??? What Happed to Purim?????

ACK – I missed Purim. Oy vey! Now my children are all excited to celebrate Purim, because we hit week 24 in TOG (yes we ARE behind most of y’all and that’s FINE with us LOL), and we missed Purim LAST MONTH…..I guess we’ll do it now. LOL

We hadn’t decided if we would celebrate Purim, as strictly speaking it isn’t a holiday given by God – but from Mordecai and Esther….. However, it sounds like so much fun! I loved the way Jews for Jesus describe the holiday in, Walk with Y'shua through the Jewish Year. I thought the tie ins to our modern walk with Christ were great. It does focus on a princess, and it IS about courage - themes we are already addressing.

It WOULD be fun to do a Purim Pagaent complete with boos and hisses and wild cheering, and dressing up.....We may even find a few families to do this one with us.....and the whole bring something to give away is a practice we've been meaning to implement with birthdays - we just haven't had any birthday parties. This could be fun. It won't happen THIS week - shew what a week is coming up....and not next weekend as I have PWOC Traveling Training, and the Friday night after that is a PWOC Project Night....but it will happen! Probably when least expected. ::snort:: Has anyone else ever celebrated Purim? Any tips to share? What was fun and meaningful? What wasn't? Our main goal in celebrating Biblical Holidays is to expose the children to the amazing connections between the Old Testament and the New Testament.



Stephanie said...

I have to admit that we're poor examples of making Purim fun. lol We usually let it sneak up on us. I'm hoping to actually make it to the fair at my in law's synagogue next year, or at the local Messianic congregation. We made Hamamtaschen this year (can't spell it tonight... it's late and I'm tired.) Of course, I make it with WW flour and my dh wants the white bread version that he grew up with. lol We read Esther and made paper dolls or stick puppets. We wanted to watch One Night With the King but didn't get it done, though we like it a lot so we watch it at various times. We really tried to focus on the fact that Esther did what God called her to do when it was hard, scary, etc. She turned to God in prayer and fasting. We did a lot of talking about "what would you do if God called on you?" Hopefully we'll do more next year. I'd love to celebrate it with others. It's not as much fun to yell out when there are only three people in the room and two are adults. lol

This is the first year that we're attempting to celebrate all of the holidays, and we decided that we'll keep Purim and Hanukkah even though they aren't Mosaic holidays because of the fun and the lessons that can come out of them in both history and life application.

Cynthia said...

I can hardly wait to do the ancients next year!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm only just finishing week 18 in TOG. I'm officially 1/2 way through...LOL