Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photobucket The Rest of Tuesday (for my family and friends who read because this is a family blog that recounts our life) LOL

Jamin had an unfortunate experience with his MP3 player. He left it in the restroom at Chick Fil A and someone took it - THAT QUICK! I picked him up after work and took him to the bank to deposit checks, to buy a new Zen, and to Best Buy to check out laptops (he's in the market for one so that he can WRITE whenever he wants).

Nolan is really, really reading well. He doesn't think he is but he has suddenly leapt forward...and I'm thrilled. Zander still doesn't see a reason for school. I'll start real school in a few months with him.

I began playing in the kitchen and was going to make something simply fabulous tasting.....when I realized my one 9x13 pan had lasagna in it that the family would pull out for Encore Presentation tonight (along with other 1/2 eaten meals). I left the mixed ingredients and will finish it tomorrow.

Bible Study - well - YUCK! What? Yuck? The study I picked for us to do for 5 weeks is simply NOT WORKING. I realized on the way home tonight that I don't enjoy doing my personal work, and I don't enjoy leading it.....that's not like me. I LOVE to see lightbulbs during teaching. This study is 75% reading cutesy "real life" stories and "case studies" and "group exercises" and oh yeah "here's a passage if you want to study it - but how does this make you feel?" I am known for telling groups "I don't care how you feel about it. I don't care what you think it means. I want you to do the work and tell me WHAT IT MEANS. Then let's talk about how to walk it out. " OK - do not harass me - my ladies love me and know that I do care how they feel....it's just that our emphasis is on the Word and I trust the Holy Spirit to lead them to proper application for their life. I don't have to give them ONE application. I thought I should stick this out. On the way home I realized that if it were a homeschool curriculum and not working - I'd tweak it. I talked with Mike (our advisor) and Debbie (our VP) and both agreed that I should move on. I sent out an email telling everyone. We spent three weeks studying Bible Study Methods, we spent 9 weeks inductively studying Ephesians and the women want the WORD. Pray with me in the next couple of days as I figure out where we are going. I can't order more books. I don't know that I can write a study staying one week ahead.....We shall see where God is leading us. I love these women. Old Fashioned Bible Study use to mean a teacher lecturing....but I like students to do homework before Bible study - so I don't want to go to THAT.

Jamin and Mike went to a dual credit workshop at the local university. He'll take the ACT and we'll go from there. He is seriously considering taking classes at the university his Senior year - next year.

Josiah is looking for an apartment. I'm planning what furniture and heavy items can go with him. LOL

Zander pulled out his tooth. He wanted to tell me all about it - but I don't do teeth. ugh.

That's all I can think of that I did today.



Anonymous said...

glad we pray for you daily throughout any day........ you are so busy. love/prayers


Trish said...

D ~ you know what I'm going to say; love it, love it, love it! Yeay for studying the Word of God as MEAT and not milk!!! "This study is 75% reading cutesy "real life" stories and "case studies" and "group exercises" and oh yeah 'here's a passage if you want to study it - but how does this make you feel?'" UGH!!! Dump it. I'm sure you can come up with something ~ anything! ~ else. :) I will pray for you to have wisdom and guidance while you make this decision. :)

Love to the fam!

Cynthia said...

ACK! An apartment? Doesn't he know it's MUCH cheaper to live at home and save as long as you can????? Tell him no (LOL)!

Debbie said...

LOL...just love the hardline you take on studying the Word...you stick to that line. Man, my feelings get in the way so often I need to start telling myself..."I don't care how you feel, tell me what is means and how do we live this out!"

Yikes on Josiah getting an apartment, although I guess you all knew this was coming.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep - it's time for him to get an apartment - not that it will be fun for US - but it is time. We'll be moving in a year and this way he can adjust to being alone before he is really alone....and Jamin will graduate before we move next spring too......they just refuse to quit aging. LOL

Kristine said...

I think it's great that you knew it wasn't working, or what you wanted, and you made necessary changes part way through.

Any everytime I see your sig line, I *really* want those little Swiss cakes...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kristine - I'm thinking of dressing up like Little Debbie or passing out treats the last night. LOL