Sunday, May 18, 2008

Photobucket Promotion Sunday

The day began with a promotion party for our Protestant RE department. This is the last Sunday until fall that we'll have Sunday School. I know that seems strange to civilians. It was strange to me when we entered the Air Force too. Now I get it. We have huge sections of our parish leave every summer. Most of us are in new areas and so want to explore our new area and visit family during the summer. It makes sense to ease the load for volunteers, to adapt to the lower numbers and shifting population in the summer by having most programs take a break. We continue PWOC by having a few outings and Project Nights....but our Bible Study is on hold until September.

All that to say that TODAY was the last Sunday School of the year. Mike had planned a fun time for all. I have great photos - but I only have permission from Steve and Debbie to use their children's photos. (BTW I appreciate my friends who allow me to exploit them on my blog - Deja and Debbie who have said I can use their children's photos - makes the blog a bit less ego-centric; though I totally understand those who do not want their images on line). ::snort::

Here are a few photos of our children and Steve and Debbie's. That's Steve with the hoola hoop. The balloons are always a hit.

After this we came home, had a bit of time to talk, then Mike and I headed back for the Gospel Service. We had 2 hours between services and so I holed up in an office with my laptop and worked on PWOC stuff. I worked on a proposed budget, pulled together inputs and compiles a proposed calendar, typed up a few "recent events" for use on the national website, and began to try to figure out how many $ a few events are going to cost to take ladies to. It was productive.

Josiah brought all the kids in for the Contemporary Service. I got to run the laptop for the worship slides. I think I learned a new useful trick. ::snort:: The service went well. It is the coolest thing to see God move. Dare I say the "r" word? Yes, pray for our student service. We are seeing the stirrings of revival and it is exciting. Some of these students will be here 3 months, be assigned to a post and sent overseas. We so want them to know Jesus. Many responded tonight to the message. Seriously, we covet your prayers for this service. The worship leader resigned as of tonight. The service time is changing...and yet God is on the move....and we desire to see lives transformed during their time at this "training base".

Mike, Jared, Jamin, Arille and Nolan are at the movie theater again. I guess Mike didn't think it was a terrible movie afterall.



Anonymous said...


Goodness, you are one busy woman. I know I use to be as busy and active...BUT I NOW WONDER HOW IN THE WORLD DAD/I KEPT UP THE PACE ALL THOSE YEARS overseas! One advantage to getting a little bit older........ no as busy!! :):)

proud of you and Mike though,



Cynthia said...

I don't volunteer in our children's dept at church and we do continue SS all year round, but one thing they do differently than any of the other churches we've been in is that they give all the regular SS workers the summer off to rejuvenate. They are able to fill the summer schedule with people who can't make as long a commitment throughout the entire year. Anyway... all those who normally do SS were asked to stand and be recongized a few weeks ago and next Sunday starts the summer schedule with them being off.