Monday, May 26, 2008

Photobucket Summer is HERE!

Hmmm....what does that mean in our home?

It doesn't mean school is out. We will probably school a few more months. I did check out the syllabus for next year and printed a list of books I will keep an eye out for.

It doesn't mean it's going to get hot - it's BEEN hot!

It doesn't mean the girls are home. They consider WA to be their home now. We plan to meet them in the mountains of CO for a week this summer. OH - CO FRIENDS AND FAMILY - I am trying to remember to email you.

It DOES mean that we are dreaming of a home with a pool. We are fondly remembering the big above ground one we had in Hardin, MT. We ARE dreading hot, hot dog days.....but we hope to be able to take a few days here and there to go camping.

We won't be hiking much this summer...or tent camping...those are fall/winter activities down here. The snakes are out now....I can sense this. ::snort:: I need to keep looking for some countryish pool, sun, cactus graphics.

I love the change of seasons.....down here it isn't quite as marked as I'd like....but the calendar says to me - "Summer TIME!"



Cynthia said...

It's definitely NOT summer here yet. Some years we go right from winter to summer with barely a short spring. NOT this year... we've had rain EVERY SINGLE day for a WEEK now! We're about to float away.... We haven't seen the sky in ages....

Jodi said...

It is summer here some days and some days definitely not yet!

Have you considered one of those soft pools? We had one for a couple years. They don't seem to have a long lifespan but the cost is fairly low depending on the size you get and you only need it for a summer or two.