Friday, June 20, 2008

Photobucket PWOC QUESTIONS - Darshia????

I am trying to remember where PWOC Fall Focus 2004 was held. I know it was NC. Was it Ashton?What was the name of the conference center? What about the big fancy mansion that you can tour - maybe the name starts with a B? Was anyone else at Fall Focus. Darshia are you reading? I'm working on the PWOC album from EAFB. (Wow - we were silly at Olive Garden. ::snort:: None of the pictures turned out except one of Carleen with something strange in her glass and the waiter...)

Help. I need this info. LOL



Linda said...

Well, I have no idea about PWOC, but the Biltmore House is in Asheville, NC. It's a huge mansion you can tour (for a pretty hefty entrance fee, I believe!).

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

That would be the one....

Anonymous said...

Argh! Just read your message. I don't know if I kept the info.

The mansion we toured is the Biltmore Estate.

Was it Asheville, NC?

I don't remember the name of the place we stayed...It may have been the Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference it and see if the picture of the one of the buildings matches what you remember.

You, me, Carleen, and I've forgotten the name of the sister who told me not to stress about the rafia caught in the car trunk! lol

I miss PWOC...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said... was you, me, Carleen and Nichole. I think it was Asheville we flew into and it was some Lifeway convention center. ::snort::

I will not have this problem with things since I began the blog. LOL

I did 11 digital layouts tonight to add to the ones that I transferred from the album that fell apart.....I have to do a "intro" and "farwell" page and that 3 years of PWOC life is chronicled. I thought I'd have this album for several assignments but Elmendorf filled it up - REAL FULL. LOL

Cynthia said...

WOW! You are really going to town with scrapbooking! I need a few minutes to sit down again.... I've been busy "doctoring" with oldest dd.... should slow down soon!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy - you should NOT assume that I've done 1983 - 2004. I simply decided to do all the PWOC pics and I had a seperate album for them. I have those layouts ready to print out. Now I need to do PWOC 2005 - 2008.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was Ridgecrest.

Even-numbered years are for national, which is now called international.

Odd-numbered years are for regional conferences.

2004 - We were at Fort Polk, LA, and I didn't get to go to the conference but heard all about it from our local ladies. Kim Worrell became the President, and she was instrumental in the vision and implementing of it to bring PWOC-USA and PWOC-Europe into one -- PWOC-International. (I later moved to the base where she was living, Fort McPherson, and am still near there.)

God bless us, and may He continue to use PWOC mightily for His glory in the U.S. military!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mel - this year it's in DALLAS. Are you going to make it? We could meet in person.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll be there! I'm with the Fort McPherson group -- SE Region.

See ya in November! Too cool!

Just posted pics from AtlantaFest -- tobymac, building 429 and downhere all in concert.

PWOC regional LW pics to come....

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'll have to stop by your blog, Mel.

Our leadership weekend is coming in July.