Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photobucket Today's To Do List

You know I love my lists.

Tend to big rocks

School - independent

School - couch - one week of TOG

Bake Bread

Call HEB - confirm prices


Bank - cash checks for produce

Call Chick Fil A - tray for PWOC Project Night

Put chicken in freezer (because I'll forget if it's not on the list)

Make laundry Soap

Keep trying HEB for young coconut info - I tried

Post Office

Make New Produce Co-op Order Forms

Check on PORF for plane ticket to PWOC Central Region Leadership Weekend

Remove photos from Central Region's PWOC site

Meet Mike for dinner

Drop Jared off at CAP

Sew Swimming Dresses

Pick up living room

Wash bedding

Make Bed

Add order to "final" United order

Swim - Update - I swam with the littles - that means I played with the kids.

Update Blog

A list helps me focus on the fact that I DID get something done - even if it wasn't ALL that I wanted to get done.



Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed. You accomplish more in one day than I do w/less family to care for. Oh, I forgot, sometimes you don't get to sleep through the night, so one day runs into the next. :) May our Saviour's strength stay with you!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You crack me up Darshia....the point of that list was to remind msyelf that I did something though not everything. LOL

Cynthia said...

We hardly ever take time to make our beds anymore either now that the house isn't on the market.