Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photobucket I'm BACK!!!! and I'm BLOGGING!

I got back late last night. My flight was delayed twice....I had a good laugh about the delay in Dallas. I THOUGHT I'd finish a book I'd tucked into my luggage. HOWEVER, they changed our gate of departure about 8 times in one hour. (That may be a fanciful enhancement - it MAY have been only 5...felt like about 20 but that time of night).

I had a great time and am processing. I'll post more later. I went not knowing a soul and came home with 30 - 40 sisters. That type of experience takes a bit of time to process. ::snort:: Mel (MH - I KNOW who you are! ::snort::) - I hardly missed blogging....but now I'm itching to get current. I think I did well to only fall off the no-blog wagon ONCE - don't you? I thought of sneaking into Deb's computer room early one morning; but decided I wasn't THAT neurotic...yet! ::snort::

What's up with this? At the airport????
It's Mine!
Mike got tired of putting $100 of gas in the van every week. It's a 2002 Toyota Corolla with 60K on it. He figures it will last us a long, long time.

I asked what I would get when I got back from the International Conference if this garnered a car. I'm dying to go DRIVE.....the emergency fund took a big hit...but Mike's right that this will save us quite a bit of $ each month.

Thanks for all the input on which mini-van we should buy. ::snort:: I'm really o.k. with this....I am excited about the idea of a sporty car rather than the 15 pass tank....and I can take 4 at a time with me.

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Nice guy!! You will love the ease of a smaller car and etc.

l/p Mom T

Jodi said...

What a fun homecoming! You should save loads of gas money compared to a big size van.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I met you at the Leadership Conference. It was such a joy to meet other ladies with large families dedicated to PWOC. Your positive energy was such a blessing to me.
I'm sure I'll be bugging you about how to start my own blog!

Anonymous said...


Bre G

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Oh my! Enjoy those wheels!

Romany said...


Our (only) car is a Toyota Corolla, though older than yours. We LOVE it! It's been extremely reliable.

Herd Momma said...

YEAH! I love driving Tom's Mercury Milan around town. The tough part is being lower than 3/4 of the vehicles on our roads around here. In the Expedition we see eye to eye but in the Mila I see eye to tire sometimes!
Good Job Hubby! We girls always like coming home to a new vehicle. Tom did that for me when we had William. I was at a conference in Dallas with my Mom and 2 month old William. Came home and he and 2 year old Audrey had turned in the Taurus for a MiniVan.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes....I'm going to enjoy it. I love being BIG on the road...but this is zippy and fast...which has it's merits too. ::snort::

Casey - I loved meeting you as well. Ask any questions you'd like.

Debbie said...

What a great coming home gift! Brian and I area also talking about another smaller car for times when I don't have to take everyone with me.

Very pretty car and it is fun to drive a sportier car.

Cynthia said...

WOW! That's quite some gift to come home to (LOL)!