Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Precious Wildflowers


A dear cyber friend emailed her thoughts today. They touched a deep chord in my spirit. May I ask you to pray for her? I'll not share her name at this point.


My youngest daughter lovingly brought me a pretty wild sunflower she had picked from beside the road at my parents' farm. "Here you go, Mommy. It's for you!" she said as she handed it to me. I looked at the pretty yellow flower and thought of the hundreds of flowers growing beside the roads all over the Kansas countryside where my parents live. I was glad she had brought it to my notice and wanted to share it with me. These flowers are barely noticed and are taken for granted by busy adults that pass by them. Each of these flowers and all the many varieties of wild flowers that grow on mountainsides, in meadows, and along country roads all over our world were created by God, and are for His glory. Many of them are never even seen or appreciated by human eyes, but God sees each of them and takes pleasure in them all.

As I looked at the wild sunflower and its delicate, lovely petals, God brought to my mind the precious, delicate little life that has been growing in my womb. Its life has never been seen by any human, and only a small number of people have even known of its existence. Now that life has ended at only a few weeks. In my sadness, God speaks to me saying that its life was not in vain, that it brought glory to Him and was His creative work. He planned each day of its life, and knew it before it was even conceived. Its life gave our family much joy from the moment we knew of its existence, and we praised God for His gift.

As my baby's life was short and fleeting, like a wildflower's, it was beautiful and had a purpose. I thank God for this reminder so lovingly brought to me by Him to comfort me in my grief and sadness.

Please pray for my friend. Though her ultrasound has confirmed the death of her little one it may be weeks before her body naturally miscarries. These are hard weeks....but precious weeks.

I've been waiting to find the right time to share the memorial we have for our little ones....but the time is never "right". This dear friend's emails of the past few days have surfaced the need to do that. Her words brought a new peace to my heart in the midst of the tears as she shared how reading my pregnancy journal had helped her in this season in her life. God has a purpose for each sorrow we walk through. Dear friend, I'm with you in prayer as you and your family journey through this time. Thanks for allowing me to share your heart on my blog, I am going to put it in the pregnancy journal and I know that in the future it will minister to others. May that eventually bring you a measure of peace.

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Jodi said...

:-( Praying for your friend. What a difficult time.