Thursday, August 07, 2008

Photobucket DAY 2 – Josiah’s Adventure

It appears that though the “state troopers don’t care if you go 4 miles over the limit”…..they really do. If they follow you for miles, it would be good to go the exact speed limit.

Josiah was pulled over for going 2 miles over the limit. Then the adventure began.

Trooper: “Do you have a reason for speeding?”

Cy: “Yes, my foot gets sore and I don’t have cruise control.”

Trooper: “Step out of the car, Sir.” (He must have thought Cy was drunk or abducting Jamin.)

Cy stepped out the car.

Trooper: “Where are you going?” “Who’s that other guy?” “What’s your relationship to him?” “Why do you have a dog in the back seat?” (Checking out the back seat.)

Trooper: “Why is your car registered in AK – you have two months to change that.”

Cy: “We’re military.”

Trooper: “Why do you have a TX license?”

Cy explained. Trooper then went over and asked Jamin questions.

Trooper: “What’s your relation to the guy over there?”

Jamin: “He’s my brother.”

Trooper: “Where are you going?”

Jamin: “I don’t know.”

(Both boys agree we should have seen his face). ::gulp::

Trooper finally told Josiah, “I’ll give you a warning because you were only going 2 miles over.”

Trooper also asked about the dog. I do think the trooper pulled him over because he had a minor in the passenger seat. He’d followed them for several miles. He had Cy outside of the car, at the back, while he talked with Jamin. It makes me feel good that TX State troopers are on the lookout for things that look "strange". LOL

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Cynthia said...

OH MY! What an adventure!

Stephanie said...

Wow - I would have been nervous even though I had nothing to be nervous about! It sounds like he handled it fantastically! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Good experience for the boys. AND how well they handled it. Good going guys!!

I'm with you in be thankful that police are watching and acting.

l/p your 2G's/Mom T

Debbie said...

Oh, time, make sure everyone knows where they are going! LOL

Romany said...

Woah! I hope they weren't too nervous after that!

Herd Momma said...

I am in so much trouble! If he stopped your two I can only imagine the reports I will eventually get.
Oh no. They just took off out the door again in their underwear. The front door! Will they ever learn!
Fellow Choosing Joy readers if you have time and would like to see adventures of the Herd please visit Yes, shameless soliciting. Sorry D'Etta.
Love! Love! the picture of you 'herd'.
I'm off now to find out who I know in the State Trooper department and see how many friends I can make before the twins turn 16!
I wonder if Jack is still a trooper? hmmm....

Jacque Dixon said...

Oh my goodness!! Texas Troopers!!!
Our license plate light was out, and we drove about 300miles ?? down I10 from Austin to NM, and we were stopped 3 times!! At 3 am!! They were out in droves!
He got a warning, and we got a new light in NM.
Anyway, I wasn't sure if I liked their thoroughness or not.

Take care!
Walking Therein

Oh, and do you have a feedburner account? I don't read on readers, but I was looking to sign up for email alerts. :)

Kristine said...

Well, THAT is interesting and kind of weird that he was stopped and questioned like that. Honestly, to put it bluntly (meaning not PC): I wonder if they stopped your boys to "up" their statistics. Then when they stop someone who might be illegal, the law enforcement agency can deny any potential claims of "race profiling."

And what's with the dog question???