Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PhotobucketDay 9 – Manitou Springs, Pike’s Peak, and Old Friends

*late breaking's late and I'm not staying up waiting for photos to load any longer....maybe in the a.m.

We managed to pack every minute of this day with activity.

Lunchtime found us picnicking at a city park in Manitou Springs. There are some strange folks in Manitou Springs. I did not take lots of photos – but THIS man wanted his photo taken.

Here’s one of Mike on the phone in the park – I liked his expression.
Playing in the Park

Anything is possible with some help from your brothers

We marched everyone over for a taste of the Spring….mineral water.


After lunch we headed to the top of Pike’s Peak. In the 24 years that I’ve been coming here with Mike we have never done this. WOW! It was worth the drive….here are SOME photos….. I've decided it's too late to pick through the over 100 photos of the view here are some of the family and I'll post other photos "later". ::snort::

BTW it SNOWED at the top of the Peak - it was COLD!


We headed down from the Peak and to Castle Rock for dinner with “old friends” from AK.
After dinner we went to their neighborhood park to hear a concert by the “Nacho Men”. ::snort:: They played 70’s and 80’s hits. I had to laugh when one of the kids asked us if we really listened to music like that when we were kids. ::snort::

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Cynthia said...

Did you also go to the Manitou cliff dwellings? We took a field trip there a few years ago. I SO wish we would have gone to the top of PP when we were there. I don't know why we didn't... sigh... I really want to go back and do that some day.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We opted to skip the cliff dwellings as we've visited more rustic, authentic dwellings in New Mexico last year. We may still do it if we have a bit of time. We're really making the most of our $ on this trip and avoiding touristy spots. LOL

I'd love to know what you thought of the cave dwellings? Touristy? Authentic? We skipped Cave of the Winds as we we've seen many real caves and thought it looked touristy. LOL