Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PhotobucketDay 8 – Cy Leaves & We Move to a New Camp Site

The time seemed to fly and this morning Josiah left to go back to TX. It was a joy to have the whole “family unit” together, if only for a week.

We broke camp at Grape Creek RV Park and headed for the USAF Academy Fam Camp in Colorado Springs.

It’s amazing that our campsite is in a “secluded, wooded area” and yet a few curves give us a rather amazing view of the congested city. LOL I think I’ll hunker down at the campsite and pretend that we’re still up on the mountain.

We set up camp, played games, bought groceries and cooked meals. Talked with Lynn tonight; so excited to see them again. Yes, Darshia….LR from AK/EAFB…I’m going to make sure she gets your message. That’s about it for the day.
We do have wifi here in the campground so I may be able to get a fast enough connection to load some photos {I did}.

Everyone has a job when it’s time to set up and break down camp. Our site has nothing but trees and a ravine behind us.
Nolan and Zander are going to try the tent again. Zander drenched all with a spilled water bottle last time. On the way out he said, “Jared, don’t bring a water bottle.”

©2008 D.R.G.


Kristine said...

We moved here exactly one year ago this week! It's making me smile to see your AFA/CSpgs comments, and I do wish that we were there to once again meet up!

Jodi said...

Glad you could add some photos again. Looks like very fun times, I'm so glad you had a week with everyone together.

If one must have a tic a Pirate look is surely a good one to have, Zander is cute. Stacia too, well everyone is, you've captured lots of fun photos!

Cynthia said...

GREAT pics!