Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Photobucket Pray for China

I've been meaning to blog this.....

I received one of those little rubber bracelets in the mail. This one says "Pray for China". I've been wearing it and I must admit that it has caused a new awareness of the persecuted church in my life.....I have ordred more to share.

The band is from Voice of the Mrtyrs. Here's a bit from their site:

Despite what you may hear in the news, Chinese Christians who refuse to register with the government controlled church are being persecuted. Many have undergone
horrific suffering.

Recently a prominent representative of a group of house churches in China asked Christians throughout the free world to pray for China during the Olympics. The Voice of the Martyrs, in partnership with China Aid Associates, has accepted that call and has produced the Olympic Prayer Band.
You can go here for a free bracelet....and here to order more. Over 1/2 a million bracelets have been ordered....and if my experience is any indication that translates to lots of prayers for our brothers and sisters in China.

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Stephanie said...

We are keeping a focus on the persecuted church this year. We've kept up with Voice of the Martyrs over the years, but I want to have a renewed focus on prayer for fellow believers around the world. I'm waiting for my bracelets to come.

Anonymous said...

good post! praying! Celia/Dionie have special requests for China. They will never be returning to China due to her health and the new China law about how old teachers can be who are in China etc. Dionie is setting up a place for them to live in the Philippines. She hope to join him in Sept after medical stuff.

l/p Mom T