Monday, August 04, 2008

PhotobucketToo Screaming BUSY to take even ONE photos Today!!!

How's that for a title?

I cannot begin to remember all that we did today; but it all focused on getting us out of here.

Josiah called and volunteered to take the younger 3 to his apartment for a couple of hours. What a huge HELP. They LOVED having time with him at his "partment". It worked out well for all.

Josiah WILL be meeting us in CO. Another manager volunteered to work extra hours so he doesn't have to close Tuesday. He and Jamin will drive the whole shot in one day.

Arielle and I ran to Walmart for the annual "socks and underwear spree" that mortifies certain male members of this family. We had time for a nice little discussion about growing up et al....and um to those who were asking - I figured out that it worked best without a book. ::snort::

Jamin and Jared worked all day hauling things to the trailer.

The pool is drained, the water heater and a LOT of other stuff now reside at the dump, the clothes are packed.....lists are made...shepherd's pie and garlic mashed potatoes are in the's coming together and we'll be leaving EARLY tomorrow. (Actually in a few short hours).

Yes, of course, I'll blog from the road every chance I get. I know how much my faithful readers look forward to the annual gas pump photos. ::snort:: Shoot - the Grand Canyon, London Bridge, Disney World...NOTHING holds a candle to the gas pumps of America. ::snort::

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Anonymous said...


What an awsome son to take the little ones to help you. So glad the 2 older boys will get to be with you most of the time. Oh for the days of youth when we could drive so far in one day without sleep. :) Will be praying extra for them on their driving day.

Of course 2 more awesome older sons help you at home. PTL! for them all!

Well, maybe your great G'Kids will be able to cash in on the Antique Roadshow with real foto's showing life in this day and age. :)

HAVE fun and enjoy every single moment you have with your kids!!!!!

l/p Mom T