Sunday, September 07, 2008

Photobucket FIRST FRIDAY in SEPT

Friday's mean Produce co-op....
This Friday also meant hearing from USAA that they'll total our Honda and give us $400. WOW. We get tail ended and we lose our commuter which gets 40 mpg. Somehow this doesn't seem right. We're still trying to figure out what to do. It already has a salvage title.

I suspect I'm going to lose my Surprise car and be back to driving the 15 pass van. ::snort:: BTW this week was also the first week I drove the van with the stickers on the windows. You can't even SEE the stickers when the van is full of children.....not a problem. ::snort:: Now if the children would lay down in the van, I'd have good visibility.

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Debbie said...

Now that we finally have our new van, I'm learning how to drive the thing. It isn't hugely different than or large conversion, but it is bigger. I don't like to backup much. LOL

Linda said...

So sorry about the car, DeEtta. How awful! A very similar thing happened to our worship pastor with a car they had recently purchased for their teenage daughter. They were rearended (Mom was driving thankfully), but it was totalled. Unfortunately, they were paying on it. I never heard the outcome, but they were not expecting to get even what they still owed out of the insurance company.

Linda said...

Oh my...I'd be sleeping in that bin of beans! I LOVE green beans. Raw is best, too. I just taught Hannah to snap them...and she actually tried a raw one and LOVED it. She keeps me on my toes with her quirky food moods (she tried raw GB's last spring and HATED them - but I did NOT remind her of that).

Sorry to hear about your car....that's gotta stink.

Anonymous said...

Mike/DeEtta: So sorry to hear about the Honda!!! WOW! That car has sure been around a long time and served you well. Praying another real, super good deal will turn up.

l/p Dad/Mom T

Cynthia said...

UGH! I remember when someone ran into Tim's pickup years ago.... the insurance company totaled it and gave us a small amount of $$ no where NEAR enough to replace it... it's so irritating.