Sunday, September 07, 2008

Photobucket Gentle Mourners

I realize I've not really "updated" the blog - as in real life things/photos - since Tuesday. That is a sure sign that life is busy and not going quite the way it is scheduled to go. I will not get a SSS out this week....I was determined to get a devotional posted to Support4HomeSchool.....and I shamelessly cross post those. ::snort:: My apologies beforehand that this is not flowery and is rather disjointed.

My heart is full. My spirit is quickened and I would like to leave you with a few short verses that I’ve been crying out, praying out, breathing out, and gasping out….over various situations.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth”. Matt 5:4, 5

Do you remember the definition of “gentleness/meekness” from last week? If not – quickly – it’s a balance between uncontrolled anger and passively ignoring sin. It’s meekly taking a stand, its power under control.

The main theme of the Sermon on the MT is righteousness. Jesus shows us what it looks like to live a righteous life and tells us to SEEK His kingdom and righteousness above all else (Matt 6:33).

There are times that we mourn the sin around us. There are times that we are forced to find the balance between doing nothing and overreacting or reacting in the flesh to the sin around us.

If you find yourself in one of those times, I believe Jesus is lovingly telling you, as He’s been whispering to me, that it’s OK to mourn and it’s OK to “gently” respond to the sin around us rather than ignoring it or blasting away in the flesh…..He longs to comfort us. We shall inherit the earth.

Sorry, my thoughts are disjointed, but that’s all I can write today. My heart is too full, my time is too short. {I must say that I really HATE SIN.... I hate the foothold the enemy of our souls takes in our lives....I hate the ravages of sin on families, on lives,on our society....I'm grieved this week...I'm also determined to spend more time doing battle on behalf of dear sisters who are fighting battles "alone".}

May God bless us as we settle into His presence and race after Him with all our energy.

©2008 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...

Somber tone tonight, yet still joyful and hopeful. Press on.

Praying with you. And thinking of those in my life that could also benefit from this message. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sis,

Thank you so much for this and the reminder on "meek" last week. I've had the same verses from Matthew I've been reading.

We have a text book definition (school district's booklet) of a "bully" that's moved into our neighborhood. The actions of the teenager leave our oldest in tears, our next child in hiding and our youngest admiring the brazen actions.

Not losing my temper is so hard when I witness the physical and verbal actions that demean a child!

One of my children brought sweet guidance after the last encounter that I stepped in to stop and teach why the action was wrong. My child said, "May we pray for them?" I said, "Yes. Yes!"

Anonymous said...

Sis: AND praying God will Bless all of you as you raise your kids etc.

love/prayers Mom T