Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Photobucket God is GOOD!!!! all the TIME!

I'm so RELIEVED. We had our first PWOC Bible Study tonight....which means I'm really getting my big rocks fit into the schedule......I never know if I'll really be able to pull off a new schedule until we do it.

We had 18 tonight.....discussion went well. I love the new faces and the old faces...... I love the topic of discussing our Kinsman/Redeemer....our God who avenges, pays our ransoms, sets us free, gives us a future...

This is a huge praise. I know I shared this on the PWOC blog but I don't think I shared it here. We've had retirees, older moms and students in our group. There has been no need for a children's ministry. I've consistently said that when there was a need God would supply the answer. We've had two young moms express an interest in attending Tuesday nights, but they needed to bring children. I talked with Mike and Ch. T and they found a student who LOVES children and is blessed to be able to lead our children's ministry. One of the new moms came tonight with her precious children...and Ashley was excited. I'd told her that I wasn't sure we'd have children because we'd not advertised....but we DID.....

I have much to write....school, taming our schedule, a couple of book reviews....but Jamin called and is ready for me to pick him up from work.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Praising the Lord with you! Never doubted but that you could pull it off..... Glad you are taming you schedule a bit.

:) Who am I to talk about taming one's schedule as I take on more ticket junk for high school games of all kinds. :):)
l/p Mom T