Monday, September 15, 2008

Photobucket School Daze....

I was up until 1:30 a.m. working on Jamin's Jr. Year Portfolio. (Thanks Debbie for the late night email with the file I needed. Some day we WILL meet in person).

I was up at 5 a.m. working on Jamin's portfolio....then I realized that I have other things that MUST be done today.

PE - was slow coming as I didn't make it to the gym. Jared & I are going to try to make it tonight after United co-op.

THIS is how much Zander likes "all that reading stuff". I thought he was being especially attentive today. I thought we were making progress. ::snort::
UNTIL I HEARD THE SNORING!!!I think the reading in the Christine Miller books is too much for Zander....maybe we'll skip it. We don't NEED a text for the younger years....*I* just like a text to tie it all together...but boring them to tears is counter-productive. LOL

Nolan, Zander and I decided to exchange "The Story of King Arthur" by Howard Pyle for "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" by Marcia Williams. I really WANT to read these to the boys but found that they were not able to follow the story line in Howard Pyle quite yet (1st and 3rd/4th). I didn't buy the TOG recommended one and found the picture book at the library. If anyone else has a suggestion for a good rendition of this tale that would be a step up from a picture book but not totally loose two very active boys, leave a comment. I like Mr. Pyles work better than Ms. Williams'....but really if the boys are falling asleep then I'd best look for something a bit easier.

Nolan had speech today. I asked the elementary school librarian and she took me to her section King Arthur. She does a unit every year for 3rd graders. She suggested the Great Illustrated Classics or Classical Starts series.....they have King Arthur based on Pyle....but she thought it hilarious that the silly homeschooler was trying to read an "adult" book to her young ones. I must say the Great Illustrated Classic based on Pyle does look much more doable - more meat than the picture book...but not overwhelming for any of us - maybe Zander will be challenged because all "this reading stuff" is hard on him. LOL

Well - time to busy for United co-op tonight.

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Jen said...

Don't have a suggestion for the little ones, but if the older kids would like a different spin on King Arthur, I can suggest my friend's book "Dragon's Son" by Sarah L. Thomson. It is the KA story told from the perspective of 4 side characters. It is written for the teen set.

Laura said...

Hey De'Etta -
Have you looked at the Usborne King Arthur books? Here are 2 that we have....

The Adventures of King Arthur (Usborne Young Reading Series Two) by Angela Wilkes

King Arthur (Usborne Classics Retold) by Felicity Brooks

Debbie said...

De'Etta, I just picked up two Pyle books from the library sale this week, but I think they are abridged versions, so we shall see how Gabe likes them.

I was glad to help and yes, one of these days we will meet. Brian is ready for a road trip whenever you all settle again (unless it is overseas).

I do not know how you pull those long days and short nights. I would be dead on my feet, or more likely, look like Zander! LOL

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I love the pic :0)

Reminds me of the first time I read the Narnia books to my boys. I think my youngest only heard about the first half of every chapter.

Cynthia said...

AH... sorry you're not liking the Guerber book....

Anonymous said...

Alexander & Stacia are definitely related to me. I have a real hard time, and always have, staying awake when reading or being read to..... That is unless it is the absolutely first thing in the morning after a hot shower. :):):)

Imagine me in the 6 reading classes I work in every day! I do stay awake but that is only because I have to lead at times and other times I can get up and walk. :)

l/p Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

All thanks for the recommendations. I am going to be looking for a Pyle adaptation as I really liked it. LOL

Cindy - No need to apologize. There are books every year that we end up tweaking. *I* like the book but it's a lot of reading for Zander.....Famous Men are shorter chapters but they are sort of scattered...I like this one by Christine MIller much better....but I may use it more for Upper Grammar or Dialectic in the future. Arielle loves the Famous Men series but someone will eventually use this one. LOL

Mama Teaching 3 said...

LOL! It was just WAY TOO snuggly to stay awake! :)

Jodi said...

It's great that you got a picture of this, it's one you'll be able to look back on when he's in high school.

My kids always seemed to do better with books that others would have thought for younger kids. I remember posting about it on SHS when Trevor and Hayley were younger. I sometimes wonder if homeschool companies suggest books for older kids like suggesting 6th grade books for 3rd graders? I don't know. I just remember when we dropped back a level or two then everyone enjoyed the readings more. You'll figure out what's a good fit for the younger ones over time.

Romany said...

I don't know the versions you refer to, but my faves are the classic Roger Lancelyn Green version (good for age 11 and up) and the Rosemary Sutcliffe Trilogy about Camelot(probably for slightly older kids.)

However, the one that I think is best for your younger boys would be the Gerladine McCaughrean version. She writes excellent 're-tellings' and is a brilliant author, just don't read any of her original literature for children. It is not as good as her re-tellings.

Amazon UK, which is where I looked for it, it's probably available in the US too, has pages you can see online, so you can check if they are the right level.